Separating? Our Spousal Buyout Program May Help The Process.

How a Spousal Buyout Program Helps

The nature of any separation is often subject to countless variables. As both parties take stock of their resources, it can be difficult to keep track of the needs of each individual. 

As the steps towards separation move forward, neither party should feel trapped in a situation they feel they can’t get out of. That is why our Spousal Buyout Program is purpose-built to help one partner, be they one half of a couple, two friends or siblings, to buyout the other party when there isn’t enough equity in order to refinance. 

How This Program Helps 

Don’t let its official title dissuade you, this program has been refined from the ground up to aid any two people who own a home together. What this offers the party wishing to buyout the other is the ability to have sole ownership of the initial property while offering the secondary party upwards of 95% of the home’s value for the purposes of the buyout. 

This guarantees that both parties will be secure in the decision and that no one walks away empty-handed.  

This process doesn’t compel any party to give up anything they are not comfortable with losing, in fact, quite the opposite, as the very foundation of this process has been crafted to ensure that both parties conclude the process satisfied with what they have attained. 

A Smooth Transition 

Separating is a taxing process, and dealing with both the time and money that has been put into a mutual property can be one of the most straining aspects of any split. Our Spousal Buyout Program is not in place to favour any party, but instead, guarantees that both individuals walk away satisfied and with what they are owed. 

Our team of mortgage experts is with you step-by-step to ensure that all required agreements for the process are documented, signed and accomplished as smoothly as possible, so you have the assurance that you are not undertaking this process alone — and that’s our guarantee. Contact us today.

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