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At Source Mortgage, we pride ourselves on making our client’s lives easier in a number of different ways. While you may be familiar with our residential mortgage products and services, we also offer services to help our local business. In our experience, more and more companies are opting to lease their equipment instead of buying. Source Mortgage is listening. We now offer equipment leasing to meet your business needs.

Why Lease Instead of Buy?

    • Seasonal Work: In our northern climate, many companies have changing needs throughout the year. As seasons shift, those businesses move through their own predictable cycle. In those cases, it just makes sense to pay for equipment when it is being used, and not the whole year through.
    • Frees Up Capital: Most company budgets will only cover the necessities of running the business. Don’t clog up your capital by spending on huge chunks of money purchasing large equipment, when you can just lease instead.
    • Keep Up With the Times: Constant advances in technology can turn yesterday’s equipment into obsolete equipment. Leasing is a cost-effective way to stay on top of these technological trends.
    • Appreciation VS Depreciation: If equipment depreciates, why purchase it and effectively lose that money when you could just lease?

What Equipment Do We Lease?

We lease a wide range of equipment including:

  • Construction equipment
  • Dental instruments
  • Restaurant tables and chairs
  • Industrial kitchen appliances
  • Machine tools
  • Computers
  • Manufacturing equipment, etc.

Why Lease Through Us?

Source Mortgage offers this service through Dominion Lending Centre Leasing. Dominion Lending Centre works closely with vendors and provides equipment lease financing to businesses and government agencies across Canada and the United States. This expertise can be applied to your own business in an affordable, comprehensible, and effective way.  

Contact us today to speak to one of our experts if you are curious about how equipment leasing can benefit your business.

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