Growing Our Country with the New to Canada Program

Growing Our Country with the New to Canada Program - Source Mortgage - Mortgage Brokers Alberta

Canada is one of the most incredible countries on the map, boasting world class universities and the most donut shops per capita than any other country in the world. It’s no wonder that people are choosing to call our land their home. With our New to Canada program, we are contributing to the wellbeing of our communities, our economy, and our country.

Encouraging Diversity

Studies have actually shown that diversity in the workplace increases productivity, creativity, and profit. If that’s what new Canadians can do for our workforce, imagine what they can do for our communities! By creating accessible opportunities for immigrants, we are encouraging our communities to become more inclusive, bypassing mere tolerance and finding ways to celebrate our differences.

Boosting Our Economy

Financial experts recognize that Canada is aging and lending has become tighter. This severely inhibits our economy as the flow of money becomes more and more stagnant. One solution is to empower our immigrant communities by offering them ownership opportunities. As the money begins to flow more easily, programs like “New to Canada” will actually work to fuel the growth of the Canadian economy for years to come.

Supporting our Neighbours

According to the 2019 Best Country Rankings, Canada ranks number one in the Quality of Life category above 80 countries. This qualification uses metrics such as job market, income equality, politically stable, safe, and public education system. Turns out, hundreds of thousands of immigrants agree. Last year, over 300,000 newcomers decided to call Canada home. They chose us for various reasons: job opportunities, religious freedom, and more. Our “New to Canada” program is just one way we can help them experience all that Canada has to offer its people.

When you take all of the above factors into consideration, it just makes sense to support our newcomers. If you are new to Canada and want to explore your options for homeownership, contact our mortgage experts today!

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